Our mighty Benjamin August joined us on December 31st, 2017 at 2:31 pm. Our sweet boy shocked us all when he weighed in at 11 lb 4 oz and 22 1/4 inches long and a head full of hair.  He was born at home surrounded by the best birth team a mama could ask for. I will share his birth story when I find the right words along with the most beautiful birth video. I am so grateful to have images and video of such a beautiful, empowering, and hard day.

I still can not believe that just two weeks ago Benjamin was inside me kicking and stretching away. Now he is here and we are a family of four. We are exhausted but our cup overflows with gratitude and awe. Oliver has been incredible with his little brother, well, after he got over the shock and realized that mama was not putting him back in the tummy. He is such an amazing big brother wanting to touch him, hug him, and whispering “I love you Benjamin.”  It’s almost like Oliver grew 100 sizes overnight when we had Benjamin. Everyone said he would seem bigger when Benjamin arrived but you don’t realize how your first baby is no longer a baby until you see how big they are in comparison to a newborn.

Now it hasn’t all been rainbows and unicorns. I have shed many tears as we have struggled with breastfeeding and anxiety over “how will I handle two humans when my husband goes back to work.” The days have been slow around here as we fall into our place as a family of 4!

Its been pretty quiet around here because I have taken some time off to soak in all the lack of sleep and sweet baby snuggles! We welcomed our son on December 31st, 2017 and we couldn’t be more in love. I can’t wait to share his beautiful birth with you all. But for now I am taking a break, don’t want to miss this fleeting newborn stage.


Less than a week old in all of these images.

I always swore that we would never become the family that owned a sectional, but the truth is that I’ve always wanted one, just not one that took up all the space in our home and looked like it came out of an episode of some 90’s sitcom. You all know what I am talking about. The urge to get a sectional became real when I entered the nesting phase of this pregnancy. I wanted a sectional that had modern lines without being stiff and narrow, like the ones found in most doctor offices. Finding a sectional that was modern but also comfortable enough to do life in was a challenge until I ran into Apt2B INSTAGRAM’S PAGE, I had found the one that my soul desired, dramatic much. Maybe, but ask any nesting mama and they will tell you that this is the norm.  Apt2B knew what a super pregnant mama needed.  Lots of seating. Room to cuddle and lounge. Room for all  of us to sit down together and do life together , and yes I said four of us, at this point in pregnancy I sure count for two. Let’s not forget we also needed a piece of furniture that needed Max’s seal of approval.

After going back and forth with Apt2B I knew that I wanted a sectional that complimented our bohemian but not cluttered style. Our home is the place were we work, create, live, and most importantly raise our son. We needed more than just a piece of beautiful furniture. We needed something functional that we could do life on.  Apt2B offers an amazing selection of modern sectionals, amazing fabrics, colors, and exquisite design. After much thought and a million questions later we decided that even though Emerald is so in right now and looks amazing, that we would go with the LOGAN 2 PIECE SECTIONAL SOFA IN THE COLOR RHINO, this style and color added the warmth that our rather neutral space needed without overpowering it.

This post was done in collaboration with Apt2B, as always all thought and opinions are my own.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

So much to be grateful for today and everyday.

Thankful for this family of mine. A healthy and able body. A home filled with love, grace, and lots of Jesus. Grateful for the struggles because they make me appreciate what would otherwise go un-noticed. Grateful for the ability to stay home and raise my son all while building a business that I love. Thankful for this space and every single one of you that read, clicks, comments, and follows me on instagram, so much would not be possible without you. I pray that this coming year would bring you bigger blessings, more opportunities, the guts to say yes, and more success than I’ll ever get to experience. God willing, next year this time, baby Benjamin will be nearing his first birthdate!






Over the weekend we celebrated this little guy turning three years old and it really was the sweetest of times. I can’t believe how fast three years have gone by. We shared this little video with family to celebrate our baby and by far it was the best thing.