Hello,  So nice to meet you! I’m Cynthia, wife to Johnny and mother to Oliver. Together “We are the Jaquezes” and live in sunny Southern California. Johnny and I are wedding photographers and small business owners. I Instagram way too often and never follow the Insta code (sue me!), love my coffee, and my baby and pray that my husband and I will be equipped to daily share the love of Jesus Christ with him. When I’m not writing about our life, food, natural living, and/our adventures, you can find me photographing beautiful people or teaching about wellness and essential oils.  In this space you will find a little of everything, sometimes I will share lots of food, other times I will share some of my favorite brands, other times I will share bits of our daily life that include lots of baby giggle and “hot mess mom episodes”, but I will always share from the heart.


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Suzy VanDyke

I love it!!! So excited to follow along!