On Monday, yes on eclipse day, we decided that we would finally find out if we would be adding a little girl or boy to our family. We decided to keep the whole process to ourselves, have it be something intimate that we could savor and celebrate as a family of three and it was the best decision for us. We’ve spent the last few days imagining who baby will look like, imagining our family as a family of four, and just feeling over-joyed because the Lord gives good gifts. It’s been such a sweet time and getting to hear Oliver talk about his sibling is the best ever. When we went in for our ultrasound we didn’t have any expectations, we just wanted to meet our baby, it was our first time seeing baby and Oliver’s reaction was priceless. He quietly observed the image on the screen and watched as the baby moved around, and after a few seconds shouted “scary baby in tummy!” We all started laughing, it was amazing. Since, we’ve had to not make any belly references because this kid does not know how to keep a secret! We spent the rest of the day indulging in the most amazing Acai Bowls and celebrating in Disneyland, because were else does one go to celebrate the best of life!

We can’t keep the secret any longer, Oliver wants to share that he will be a big brother to a sweet (watch the video)

Hey there! If you’ve been here before then you might have noticed that I have made a few changes and hopefully you’re enjoying them. I hope you have been following along on Instagram if you haven’t then this will come as a shock to you, we are Pregnant with baby number two.

We are so excited to welcome another little person into our family to give our son a brother or a sister.  But this excitement did not come without a lot of fear and pain. When I found out that I was pregnant for a second time instead of feeling the joy that I know comes with a child I instead felt darkness, unsteadiness, and so much fear. I was not and some days I am still not sure if I can do it again if I can go through another tough pregnancy (pubs, pubic dysfunction, edema, sciatica, round ligament pain, fractured pubic bone) and I am praying daily for this baby to change birth for me. When I gave birth to Oliver I had been experiencing prodromal labor for 4 days and active labor for 17 hours which in reality isn’t all that terrible but after bringing Oliver into this world, I experienced pain more excruciating than giving birth to a 10 pound baby naturally and med-free all because the doctor pulled a placenta that was not ready to be out, this one action created a domino effect of pain. In those moments after birth I thought that I would not get to see my son grow-up, that I wouldn’t get to smell him, that he would never know me, I thought I was dying. So how on earth am I going to do this again?! I know that the journey won’t be easy but I also know that this baby growing inside me is loved beyond measures and that his/her life have a purpose bigger than my fears and doubts. I am so lucky to have a knowledgeable and supportive midwife that has been helping me overcome these fears all while validating my feelings, this is so important because there really isn’t anything worst that having these real fears and emotions and having “well intentioned” people minimize or even ridicule you.

How on earth to prepare to give birth again?

  • Look for resources that will help you
  • Leave it to Jesus, trust that his plan in greater than my own
  • Find company and support that validate your feelings rather than ridicule/question them
  • Have a team team of birth practitioners that will treat you with respect and compassion
  • Claim the strengths you brought to your first birth
  • Do the best you can because thats all you can do
  • Calm yourself (using breathing, prayer, words of affirmation, exercise, aromatherapy, self-care —  among many ways) when fears or flashbacks flare
  • Create collaboration:  find practitioners —  doula (yes, get a doula!); midwife or doctor — who will work with you to acknowledge and name the experience of your earlier birth instead of minimizing it

This is our third year attending family camp at Forest Home and I can honestly say that it was our best year yet, mainly because we really got to see camp through our sons eyes. Two and a half year old kids have this magic about them that they sprinkle everywhere they go.  Forest Home is a camp facility nestled up in Forest Falls California. Each summer Forest Home is open for 9 weeks and you can choose which week you want to attend, we’ve always attended week five but this summer we attended week 9 and the weather up in the mountains was amazing! Yes I choose our week hoping for cooler temperatures. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I shared a whole lot of why Forest Home is amazing and why camp is such a blessing to my family we hope to make it a tradition.


Why camp awesome: 

  • All meals are freshly cooked and served by the amazing staff
  • Parents get a break from cooking, serving, and cleaning (hello love language).
  • So many activities for kids of all ages, Oliver is almost three so he loved the splash pad, family lake day, craft corner, chipmunk corner, walks to the creek, and all the outside adventure time his hear desires.
  • Chipmunk corner for kids under three
  • Stagecoach Coffee
  • CCA (child care assistants) for all the families, most CCA’s are young girls who volunteer their time and hearts to care for our kids in the evenings so parents get a chance to connect as a couple, they in return get to experience camp.
  • Worship and biblical teachings
  • Biblical teachings
  • Family morning hike

Why you should not attend camp: 

  • You’ll miss the amazing mountain air
  • Adulting afterwards will be hard because there will be no bell to announce that your meal is ready to be served (all the tears)


  • Oliver with his CCAFamily morning hike, everyone gets pancake breakfast when they reach the top. Thank you Forest Home for inviting us to join the magic once again!


This beautiful baby of mine will soon be three years old and a big brother and I just can’t seem to get a hold of all the feelings I am feeling. Not only is he growing literally but also figuratively. The other day, he took off running during our walk back to our cabin and I did the trick that most parents do and told him, “ok, bye bye, Oliver !” and we turned our back, he responded with “bye bye mommy, see you later, I stay with butterfly.” It’s so hard to just let go but I really do enjoy seeing his independent spirit beginning to crop up. It makes me so proud to see him learn and explore and grow.

Oliver, at almost three years old you are

  • Sassy
  • Kind
  • Defiant
  • Smart
  • Fiercely independent
  • You love to sing
  • You love cars
  • You think that our pastor is Jesus

Your most common used phrases are

  • “what you doing”
  • “hello friend”
  • “go away”
  • “I want papa”
  • “mommy you want coffee latte”

Sweet boy you are loved beyond measures. You fill our lives with joy and wonder and teach us so much about how simple life can really be. You are by far our biggest adventure and your daddy and I hope that we will teach you to LOVE well and LOVE hard.

Oliver’s look:
Blue muscle tankfaded denim shorts  | natives shoes  

Right before I found out that I was pregnant I had stopped attending crosffit due to a pretty bad back injury that left my crawling and bed ridden for almost two weeks, but if you have a two year old you know that bed ridden isn’t really something we can do. After I recovered from my injury I decided that maybe Crossfit wasn’t the right fit for me in this season of life in which I am still dealing with a weak pelvic floor and ligaments.  I tried finding an at home fitness routine but I just couldn’t find a groove and my workout buddy always seemed to become extra needy the minute I rolled out that mat. Enter Fit4mom, my local chapter has been way more than what I expected. When I attended my first class I didn’t really think much of it in terms of fitness, I really though it was more of an opportunity for women to hang out. Well, Fit4mom is that and so much more, its a pretty dang good workout! Right now that I am pregnant I feel that I am being given enough of a challenge both in cardio and strength training,I mean try pushing a stroller around with an almost 40 pound toddler. Since I have been dealing with pubic dysfunction since week 11 I love that the instructors are all moms and understand the limitations that come with that.  I love that I get to workout in a community of other moms who are doing their best to balance motherhood, life, and fitness. Oliver looks forward to our workouts, most days he encourages me with sweet “yay mommy” or “go faster mommy” and with everything that involved a toddler some days can be straight up crazy but all of the women there understand that and it’s ok!

If you are wondering why I’m using a double stroller it didn’t make sense to get a single since we will soon be needing a double and we are trying to get Oliver used to the idea of a sibling, so far it is not working and is convinced that the other seat is for his ducky (pet pillow that he can’t live without and that has seen better days) and cars. Any tips on how to warm him up to the idea of a sibling?


This post was NOT sponsored by Fit4Mom or Bumbleride
Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller in Camp Green c/o of Bumbleride