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I have always enjoyed having an orderly and pretty home, its the creative and type A-ish person in me. I like things to look beautiful but I thrive when there is a place for everything, can anyone else relate? So when we found out that we were expecting baby number two I knew that this room had to function as more than a play-room. I needed this room to be a playroom, school room, and a place where we could come and interact with Oliver without having to squat the whole time, sort of a dwell and play room. We didn’t want a perfect room, our goal was to create a space meant for al of unto thrive in.  When we were thinking of furniture for this room I knew that we would need something that didn’t take up much space and hopefully offered storage. I literally spent weeks googling and searching Pinterest for storage solutions and furniture that didn’t take a ton of space,  was both kid friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Was this even possible? After a few days of looking on Pinterest I came across Home Reserve.

If you live in a small home I am about to change your life and quite possibly fix your storage struggles.  Home Reserve is a furniture company that makes affordable, toddler resistant, custom, renewable, and adaptable furniture. Furniture that is both beautiful, comfortable, and offers storage solutions. If you have followed me on Instagram you’ve most likely caught my Instagram stories in which I rave and share my absolute love for the integrated storage that this sectional and ottaman offers. This storage makes toy rotation a breeze. When we were designing the lay-out of our sectional we decided that we would go with a leather like material in Cantina Peanut because it’s kid friendly and beautiful. Home Reserve makes commitment phobia obsolete, the covers on the whole sectional are removable and can be switched up at any given time.

Along with adding this sectional to the room we added this super easy and affordable desk area for Oliver so that he has a place where he can get crafty and practice his letters, numbers, and shapes. Initially, we wanted to add a built in but the price was just insane and not something that we could justify so we went with this easy DIY that cost just about $400 (mainly safety hardware).  I wanted the room to easily flow with the rest of the house, I no longer wanted it to scream “play room,” but for it to still feel like a special place for Oliver. I filled baskets with some of his favorite toys and Montessori materials and placed them on the shelves above his desk so that he can easily ask for them when he wants them. We added a beautiful tool bench from Heart and Hand and an easel from B.Toys so that he could feel ownership of the room and have the freedom to “work” and create as much as he wants, with so much recent change we felt that it was something that he needed.

Note: This post was sponsored by Home Reserve Furniture. I was given products in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions and comments are my own. I’m so thankful for each and every one of you that reads, comments and follows along on social media. This blog has grown into so much more than I ever dreamt and I’m excited to see where it goes!

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