How to earn REAL money online while staying home with your kids

This post has been long in the making since its one of the questions that I get asked often. From the first time I held my son I knew that I was called to stay home with him, which was so unexpected since I have always been business driven. I mean, I had employees in 4th grade, so I’ve pretty much worked my whole life. I knew right away that if I was going to be a stay at home mom I would need to do so in a way that allowed space for my creativity and hustle, I wanted to make my own money and not have to consider a budget every time I went to Target, I know you can relate. I now stay home with my son and work from home and earn a full time income online.  I am going to share five ways for moms/parents to make REAL money from home, I have tried all of these and have had success doing so, some I still do, and some I did when I was in college.



  1. Ebay – You can start a business from home by selling thing on eBay. It can be stuff that you find at thrift stores, yard sales, or stuff around your house. When I was in college I had a very successful eBay shop selling designer denim. This taught me to ship and provided the funds for spending money and more inventory. You can obviously grow this business as much or as little as you want. You might just want to make a little spending money or car payment money, this will really be up to you. Setting goals is super important!
  2. Own your own boutique – So many parents think that this is so hard, but owning an online boutique is actually really easy and the earning potential is amazing because you can sell on your site but also on sites like Amazon and Deal sites. You can sell your own items or wholesale items that you can purchase online or if you’re in California you can shop LA. You can choose to sell the items as the are or you can re-label them with your brand. Downside to this is that when you start out you are everything to your shop. You have the task of marketing, shipping, customer service, and/or designing your own product.
  3. Blogging – This is one that I currently do, so my knowledge is fresh and developing daily.  One of the perks of blogging is that blogging can offset expenses since companies are always willing to send you amazing product for a review. As you work on it you’ll start to develop a platform that will allow you to charge companies for reviews. I currently earn about $1500-2000 from blogging and Instagram not including products that are sent to me.
  4. Network Marketing/Direct Sales– This is a huge one for our family and one that brings in a substantial income. I educate people on wellness and Young Living essential oils which I absolutely love. I know that many have weird feelings about network marketing so you will have to find a company that fits your personality and whose products you absolutely love. The great thing about network marketing is you have so much support from the main company. I will share about Young Living since thats where I’m at. You don’t have to keep inventory, you have so much support, and education so if theres a will, you’ll have all the tools. You don’t have to ship and Young Living offers customer support as well. So if you’ve been curious about Young Living just hollar!
  5. Manage social media accounts/virtual assistant – I currently manage a few Instagram accounts for local businesses and charge anywhere between $450-$600 dollars per month per account. You will have to learn the ropes of whatever platform you are using and continue to educate yourself because they change daily, no joke! You will need to become an expert on social media or a platform so that you can either manage accounts for others or start your own business there. But there are many businesses that need the assistance so the work potential will always be there.

None of these options are easy money! They will all require you to work but the income potential is there and you can do it all from home without taking stupid surveys! The amount of work will depend on whether you want to make a side mom hustle or a full mom hustle. If you have any questions leave them in the comments and I am always happy to help. You can also message me on Facebook or Instagram.

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