Mom Hack that works

We all know that being a mom is HARD! The messes never end and the to-do list just gets bigger and bigger. So whenever I find a “hack” that makes “adulating” easier I am all about it. I was all hands up when I realized that robotic vacuums weren’t a thing of the future and that they didn’t cost a million dollars. That’s when bObi came into the picture. bObi is like a second pet that takes on one of the chores that I hate the most, sweeping without expecting treats or cuddles in return.  I used to think we had some sort of dust problem, seriously we even hired someone to come and check our air ducts for leaks because it didn’t matter how much I swept or mopped my floors were always dusty, don’t ever get dark floors!


If you’re anything like me you’re probably wonder if it actually works or if its just another gadget that delivers empty promises. Friends, I can’t tell you to run fast enough and get yo-self a bObi Classic from bObsweep, its freaking AAA-MAZE-ING! I leave my house and come back to clean floors, I nurse my baby and it’s cleaning my floors,  and it also entertains Oliver. Winning! It’s such a time-saver. bObi is so considerate and a total genius. You can set it to clean on certain days of the week or daily like we do in my house, certain lengths of time, and when it’s all done it goes back to it’s charging station all on its own, no need to bribe. The bObi Classic has over 80 sensors that help it not get stuck it. It has a HEPA filter that helps shrink those allergens. The only thing you have to do is dump out the filter, it collects so much dust, bObi works hard! If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen me empty that sucker out, I know its gross.

The team over at bObsweep sent us over the best pet ever to give you an honest review. You’ve witnessed my obsession on Instagram many times, its like a legit obsession. So if you’re wondering if the bObi Classic is worth the investment, ask yourself, would you pay someone to come sweep and mop your house while you sit and sip on that liquid gold (coffee) during nap time?

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